The Unique Benefits of Molly's Potting Mixes

The Unique Benefits of Molly's Potting Mixes

Unique Needs of Container-Based Plants

Molly’s Potting Mixes are specifically designed for container-based plants, which due to the controlled environment and limited space of containers have unique needs vs plants growing in the ground. These needs include watering, drainage, weight, nutrient availability, root development, temperature regulation, pest and disease management, and support and staking.

Quality Ingredients for Optimal Plant Health

Molly’s Potting Mixes use premium ingredients sourced from select manufacturers that care about the products they make and the way they make them. These ingredients are always high quality and OMRI-listed where possible. All our ingredients comply with provincial, state, and federal laws and are regularly reviewed and tested for quality control. Better ingredients means longer-lasting potting mixes that do more to help your plants and beautify your living spaces.

Soil-Free Innovation

Molly’s Potting Mixes are a cleaner alternative to soil-based potting mixes and do not contain any pests, disease, or harmful pathogens which may exist in standard soil-based products. Molly’s Potting Mixes possess excellent drainage properties, helping to prevent waterlogged roots and reduce the risk of root rot. This is especially beneficial for plants that are sensitive to overwatering. The mixes ensure good aeration to the root zone, allowing plant roots to access oxygen. Adequate aeration promotes healthy root growth and prevents issues like root suffocation. Molly’s Potting Mixes are formulated to be consistent in texture and nutrient content, which provides a stable growing medium for plants. The soilless nature of the mixes allows plant owners to have precise control over nutrient content by adding fertilizers as needed. It’s also easier to maintain the desired pH range in soilless media compared to amending garden soil. Our soilless mixes are lightweight, making them easy to handle and maneuver in containers and pots, which is especially important for large or heavy containers.

Ideal for indoor plant cultivation, Molly’s Potting Mixes are less messy and reduce the risk of pests and diseases being brought indoors.

Large Particle Sizes for Enhanced Performance

Molly’s Potting Mixes have varying particle size distribution, ranging from 3-6mm for Molly’s Succulent Mix to 9.5-16mm for Molly’s Aroid Mix and Molly’s Orchid Mix. Varying particle sizes allow the mixes to drain quicker, resist compaction, and provide more airflow to root systems, leading to healthier plants.

Rigorous Testing for Reliability

Molly’s Potting Mixes are regularly tested by accredited substrate-testing laboratories. These tests include macro and micronutrient analysis, pH levels, electrical conductivity, particle size distribution, moisture levels, porosity, bulk density, heavy metals, and pathogen detection.

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