10 Best Potted Plants To Create A Container Garden

Purple viola in a flowerpot on a garden table

Explore the art of container gardening and uncover a whole new world of potted plants. Whether you are working with limited space or love the versatility of potted gardening, we here at VeryPlants have extensive experience with potted plants and soil-free potting mixes. We’ll give you all the secrets of crafting lush and thriving container gardens. These container plants will bring a touch of green to your life like never before.

Succulents and Cacti 

These drought-resistant wonders store water in fleshy leaves. Perfect for bright spots, varieties range from tiny curiosities to statement floor plants. Sculptural forms and textures pack serious aesthetic punches.

Explore the straightforward care for succulents like aloe vera, known for its medicinal properties, and vibrant echeveria with rosettes resembling floral fireworks. You’ll need a well-draining potting mix and pots that have sufficient drainage to prevent overwatering.  VeryPlant’s Soil-Free Succulent Mix is the perfect choice to ensure your succulent garden stays vibrant and healthy.

Besides the ease of growth for succulents that benefits beginners, they also filter the air while needing little care. These plants improve indoor environments through unmatched exotic elegance. What is not to love about these plants? 


Imagine transforming your living space with the exotic allure of aroids. These tropical plants, with their stunning foliage, are pleasing to the eye. Consider varieties like the elegant Monstera deliciosa, known for its unique split leaves, or the striking Philodendron species with their heart-shaped leaves. Aroids thrive in bright, indirect light, mimicking their native understory habitats. They prefer well-draining soil and moderate watering. Allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings. The key to lush growth is high humidity, which can be achieved with regular misting or a humidifier. These plants not only add a touch of the tropics to your home but also purify the air, making them a perfect addition to any indoor garden.  Molly’s Aroid Mix offers up the perfect balance of water retainment and nutrition for all of your indoor aroids, keeping them looking great and happy.


Orchids, the jewels of the plant world, offer a captivating display with their diverse and colorful blooms. From the popular Phalaenopsis, with its moth-like flowers, to the delicate Dendrobium, orchids present luxury and sophistication. These epiphytic plants thrive in well-aerated bark or moss mediums, which mimic their natural tree-bound habitats. They require indirect light and a consistent watering routine. It’s recommended to let their medium dry slightly before the next watering. Orchids flourish in stable environments with moderate temperatures and humidity. The reward for your care is a spectacular bloom that can last for weeks, making orchids a captivating and elegant choice for home decorators and plant enthusiasts alike.  Molly’s Orchid Mix was specifically designed to maintain a perfect balance of moisture for your orchids while giving them the nutrition they need to stay looking amazing. 


Imagine having your little herb garden in your kitchen or patio. It is not just about the fresh flavors they bring to your dishes but also the vibrant flowers and leaves that brighten your space. Think about herbs like oregano, parsley, and chives. They love growing in containers.

Find a spot with about six hours of sunlight daily, and they will thrive. Make sure the soil drains well to avoid waterlogged roots. The best part is having them within arm’s reach when cooking. Regular pruning helps the plants grow thick and lush; you will have plenty to harvest. Brush your hand against the plants now and then. The scent of the essential oils they release is simply divine. So, not only do potted herbs add a kick to your meals, but they also delight your senses.


Given proper care, potted tomatoes bear heavily. Select compact determinate varieties like cherry or Roma. Their seeds sprout quickly, vining outwards as fruits swell.

Warm seasons prompt prolific fruiting. Six hours of sunlight helps ripen the bunches. Staking prevents toppling from weighty harvests. Soil quality and consistent moisture ensure plump sweetness. Controlling container conditions means healthier plants are less prone to pests and diseases. Reap bountiful rewards through attentive nurturing of these plants for pots. 

Flowering Plants 

Imagine your pots bursting with color, thanks to flowering plants for pots like begonias, geraniums, and pansies. These plants or pots are popular for their vibrant blooms and can bring your pots to life. Plus, some varieties can thrive in different light conditions, so you can choose the best ones that suit your space.

Deadhead spent flowers routinely to extend flowering. Well-draining soil keeps the roots healthy. Proper pot size gives adequate room to reach mature dimensions. Feel free to play with arrangements in displayed groupings.

Leafy Greens 

Imagine growing your leafy greens like kale, arugula, and Swiss chard in your containers. They sprout up so quickly. The best part is that they do not need deep pots because their roots are short. They like a bit of shade, but do not worry too much about perfecting the conditions. These plants are pretty adaptable.

Moist soil maintains tasty fresh leaves. Harvest frequently as edible leaves appear. Container gardening permits closely monitoring pests and diseases. Plus, you will love incorporating ultra-fresh produce into home cooking.


These perennial fruits bear heavily in pots. Ensure selecting an everbearing variety suited for containers, such as ‘Toscana’ or ‘Ozark Beauty.’ Strawberries thrive with at least six hours of daily sunlight. Blends incorporating coir or compost retain moisture well while still draining freely.

Add balanced fertilizer when flowering begins and shelter from harsh weather to help extend harvests. Enjoy bounties of sweet, fresh berries all season long. Pluck ripe fruits gently to prevent damaging the plants. Give the runners room to spread outward for increased yields over time. 


Productive pole bean varieties like ‘Scarlet Runner’ thrive trailing up supports in larger pots. They yield generously once flowering commences. Beans flourish with eight hours of sunlight. Well-draining soil prevents fungus while retaining needed moisture. Incorporate compost or manure before planting for fertility. Apply balanced liquid feed when blooms appear and repeat every two to three weeks for heavy harvests.

Install trellises or mesh against the inside of pots to support prolific vines. Pinch out growing tips once eight to 10 feet tall to encourage fruiting. Then, collect the beans regularly once ready to prompt further production. You will then enjoy convenient fresh greens and plentiful pods all season.


Given shelter, stunning eggplants like slender ‘Orient Express’ bear reliably in containers. These tropical fruits love heat, producing prolifically under bright light. Eggplants need at least eight hours of sunlight for the best flowering and fruit development. Consistently moist yet well-draining soil prevents issues like blossom end rot. As fruits swell, support heavy branches to avoid snapping.

Pinch early shoots to encourage branching. Apply high phosphorous fertilizer when flower buds develop. Then, watch brilliant blossoms give way to glossy, regal fruits for harvesting. Savor perfect baby eggplants or wait for full sizes bursting with smooth deliciousness.


Striking architectural globes, artichokes like ‘Green Globe’ add heft and height to containers. Their dramatic silvery foliage proves downright glamorous. Artichokes thrive with six hours of sunlight. Soil mixes heavy in compost or manure provide needed nutrients. Consistent soil moisture prevents heads from becoming fibrous.

Cut back the stems after harvest, allowing side shoots to mature into fresh buds. Frost sweetens flavor in winter varieties like ‘Imperial Star.’ Cook fresh hearts soon after cutting. Such sublime, sculptural splendor!


Lavenders lend lofty fragrance and bee-friendly blossoms to pots. Compact varieties like Spanish Lavender ‘Compacta’ suit containers well. Lavenders thrive in at least eight hours of sunlight with sharp drainage. Average to lean soil keeps roots healthy. Clip flower stalks promptly after bloom concludes to maintain shape. Shelter pots from heavy winter precipitation.

Incorporate plants along walkways where brushing releases fresh scent. Or try culinary varieties like French Lavandin in orchard pairings! Evergreen foliage persists attractively year-round.

Why Use Soil-Free Mixes?

At VeryPlants, our passion for container gardening stems from the many advantages of soilless mixes compared to traditional potting soil. We craft these custom blends to optimize drainage, texture, and cleanliness, making indoor gardening an absolute delight.

Soil-free potting mixes strike a perfect balance between moisture retention and efficient drainage, significantly increasing the chances of survival for delicate roots. These mixes create air pockets around the underground plant organs. The air pockets allow them to breathe freely, even within the constraints of pots. We expertly combine ingredients like peat, perlite, and vermiculite to achieve this delicate equilibrium.

One of the remarkable benefits of soil-free mixes is their ability to minimize the risks associated with soil-borne pests and diseases. This is excellent news for plants for pots, where crowded conditions can exacerbate such issues. With soilless mixes, no unwanted critters are hitching rides to wreak havoc. Starting with a sterile slate ensures that your indoor garden will eventually remain cleaner and healthier.

Furthermore, soil-free mixes maintain a light and fluffy texture, unlike denser traditional soils that tend to compact over time. This ensures that plant roots consistently access the air and space they need to thrive. The reduced mess also simplifies maintenance, making your gardening experience hassle-free.

Additionally, soil-free mixes offer the flexibility to customize the growing medium to suit the preferences of different plants. You can adjust the ratios of ingredients like peat or sand to cater to specific watering needs. Fine-tune the levels of lime or fertilizer to optimize nutrition and pH for different plant species. Through experimentation, you can dial in the perfect medium for optimal growth.

Soil-free potting mixes for indoor plants offer a clean, user-friendly, and less guesswork-intensive approach to indoor gardening. Formulated to minimize complications right out of the bag, these mixes enable plants to thrive naturally with less intervention. It sets your green thumb up for a fulfilling and successful gardening journey.

Container Gardening Tips

Beyond the choice of plants and potting mix, here are some additional container gardening tips to achieve lush and healthy results:

Mind Light Levels

Light is crucial for indoor gardening but can vary greatly. Remember to place your plants where they will benefit most. Some love basking in the sunshine all day, while others prefer a bit of shade. So, ensure to check their specific light requirements. Observe and adjust the placement until each plant exhibits healthy growth.

Water Wisely

Overwatering is a common issue in container gardening. Ensure that your pots have proper drainage holes, and water your plants only when the top inch of the soil becomes dry. Stick your fingers into the soil to test its moisture level. VeryPlant’s own Molly Mix Soil-Free Potting Mixes were specially formulated to provide just enough water retention for your choice of aroid, succulent, or orchid .

Feed Regularly

Unlike outdoor garden beds with free-draining soil, potting mixes deplete nutrients more rapidly. Establish a routine of balanced liquid fertilizer application to prevent nutrient deficiencies. Monitor the color of the leaves and the growth rates of your plants, and adjust the fertilizer formulations and application frequency as needed to ensure your plants thrive.

Choose Pots Strategically

Select pots that fit your available space and provide adequate room for the plant's roots to grow. As your plants outgrow their containers, gradually scale up to larger pots. You can also incorporate decorative pots to enhance the visual appeal of your indoor garden. Remember to clean your pots regularly to reduce the risk of potential disease issues.

The Art and Science of Gardening

Hopefully, these tips convey that container gardening, while rewarding, requires some strategy. Interweaving aesthetic vision with practical plant needs makes it both art and science. Experimentation and attentive care give life to your unique container garden vision.

We at VeryPlants aim to support that creative journey through quality potted plants and soilless mixes designed to help them flourish. Our products remove barriers, so nurturing living art fills you with pride and satisfaction. Let us grow spectacular container gardens together.

We are eager to offer guidance in applying these principles to your unique spaces. Shop our soil-free potting mixes or contact us today!.

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