Molly's Aroid Mix FAQs

When it comes to top-notch soilless mixes from VeryPlants, you can’t do better than Molly’s Aroid Mix. This specially formulated mix ensures that your plants enjoy robust growth, as it creates the perfect conditions for different kinds of potted plants. If your potted plants are the type that thrive in fast-draining conditions with excellent aeration, then this is the perfect soilless mix for you. Let’s look at some of Molly's Aroid Mix FAQs.

Does Molly’s Aroid Mix Contain Soil?

The answer to this is no. Molly’s Aroid Mix has no soil. Instead, it is made up of mineral and organic compounds that provide your plants with all the nutrition that they need. This may sound counter-intuitive, but this confers several benefits for your plants. The first is that the absence of soil means that your plants are safe from soil-borne pests and diseases that often afflict potted plants. The other advantage of using soilless mixes such as Molly’s Aroid Mix is that it allows for the mix to be optimized for potted plants. A good example is when it comes to drainage and aeration. Potted plants usually have different dynamics as compared to plants growing naturally on soil or soil-based mixes. Our soilless mixes such as Molly’s Aroid Mix are designed to optimize drainage and aeration dynamics around your plants, resulting in healthy plants.

What Kind of Plants Can I Plant on Molly’s Aroid Mix?

You can plant a variety of look at some Molltropical and indoor plants on Molly’s Aroid Mix, including species like Ficus, Palm, Pothos, and Monstera. This premium soil-free potting solution is specifically designed to create an optimal environment for such plants, ensuring superior drainage, aeration, and overall health.

What Should I Add to Molly’s Aroid Mix When Potting?

You do not need to add anything to Molly’s Aroid Mix when potting your plants. This is because this soilless mixture contains all the nutrients that your plants need. Molly’s Aroid Mix is designed to be a stand-alone potting mix, so the addition of other compounds is unnecessary. Please note that this also includes fertilizer. The chemicals and minerals in the mix are enough to meet the nutritional needs of your plants.

What Watering Schedule Should I Follow When Using Molly’s Aroid Mix?

The answer to this question varies depending on the local weather conditions as well as the type of plant in question. On average, you should water your plants once every one or two weeks. One way to check if you are watering your plants properly is to ensure that the water pools at the top and then drains uniformly away. Molly’s Aroid Mix is designed to drain excess water quickly to prevent over-watering problems such as root rot, which can damage your plants. You should also try bottom watering, which helps with the efficient absorption of water by your plant. Now and then, place your potted plant in a flat-bottomed container with an inch or two of water on it. This water will be absorbed into the pot but from the bottom rather than from the top. This is especially useful if you are worried about the downward growth of your roots.

When Should Molly’s Aroid Mix Be Changed?

Our experts recommend that you change Molly’s Aroid Mix once every year. While this may sound longer than with most of the commercial ‘big-box’ mixes, there is good reason for that. We have specially formulated Molly’s Aroid Mix to release nutrients slowly into the soil. This means that the period between changing the mix is longer, which is good for you and the plant. Once a year is roughly the same time that you would have to do repotting anyway due to the changes in the size of the plant. This works out perfectly as you can also change the mix when repotting. You should also note that it is fine if you extend the repotting period for a little longer. There will still be enough nutrients in the Molly’s Aroid Mix to support your plant.

Should I Clear Out All the Molly’s Aroid Mix from The Roots When Repotting?

This is not necessary. You can carry over some of the original Molly’s Aroid Mix that clings to the roots through to the new pot during the process. It will not affect the growth of the plant. Please note that you may also notice some white powder on some bark flakes in the mix. This is calcium magnesium or dolomite, and it is used in the preparation of the bark during production. Please do not try to remove it from the Molly's Aroid Mix, as it contains minerals that are useful to your plants. Another thing to note when using Molly’s Aroid Mix is the fact that you may sometimes note a musty smell from Molly’s Aroid Mix bag. This is caused by varying moisture levels in the mix and is completely normal. These smells will typically disappear when the plant is potted and the mix is applied.

Is It Normal to Have Fungi on The Barks in The Molly's Aroid Mix?

Yes, this is normal and is, in fact, very beneficial to your plants. The fungi that commonly form on these bark flakes are Penicillium or Paecilomyces. They work to prevent pathogenic fungi from colonizing your mix, and this serves to keep your plants healthy.

Why Choose Molly’s Aroid Mix from VeryPlants?

As potted plant enthusiasts, we have crafted all our products, including Molly’s Aroid Mix, to ensure that you get the results that you are looking for. We use only the finest ingredients, and we ensure that our production processes are eco-friendly. We price our products very competitively and given that they are of the finest quality, you are sure to enjoy excellent value for your money. When you shop for any of our products at our online store, you can be sure that all your financial data is safe. We also commit never to share any of your data with third parties. Finding the right product on our site is easy, and we ensure that your orders are shipped to you promptly.

If you have inquiries about Molly’s Aroid Mix, don’t hesitate to contact us today.